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contrivance (s) (noun), contrivances (pl)
1. A cleverly made device or machine or contraption to fulfill a special need: Jim’s dad created a contrivance to heat the inside of the sleeping bag while camping during the cold night by using a hot rock that had been put in the campfire and then taken out and wrapped up with newspapers.
2. Something or an idea created in a clever way to accomplish an objective: The manager of the store thought up a contrivance to encourage customers to buy the store's tea products, like serving hot tea to the customers on cold winter days.
3. Etymology: from Middle English contreven, from Old French controver, contreuv-, from Medieval Latin contropare, "to compare"; from Latin con-, "together, with" + Latin tropus, "turn, manner, style"; from Greek tropos, "turn, manner, mode, style".
A device or appliance adaped for a special purpose.
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(Greek makhana, machana > Latin machina: machine, device, tool; an apparatus for applying mechanical power to do work; mekhanikos > machynen, decide a course of action, contrive, plot contrivance; a machine or the workings of machines)