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contrition (s) (noun), contritions (pl)
1. The condition of feeling sorry for some bad behavior: When Sally accidentally knocked over the bowl containing the gold fish in the living room, her contrition was greatly expressed with loud sobbing and yelling her terrible feelings.
2. Sorrow or affliction of mind for some fault or injury that has been done; specifically, penitence for sin: Mary's tears of contrition for neglecting her mother's birthday were sincere.
3. Etymology: from Latin terrere, "to rub"; literally, the action of rubbing things together, or against each other; grinding, pounding or bruising (so as to pulverize).
Sincere regret and sorrow for doing something wrong.
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Repentance or remorse for wrongdoing.
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Sincere remorse or sadness and regret for doing something that is wrong. (2)