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contentious (adjective), more contentious, most contentious
1. Regarding a person who is always ready to argue or who is quarrelsome: Edward was a very contentious boy because he often disagreed and argued with his parents about many things.
2. Pertaining to something which causes, or is likely to cause, disagreements and disputes between people with differing views: The superintendent told his secretary that it must be possible to reword the statement in a less contentious way.
3. Characterizing an issue or a subject matter which involves a dispute or is controversial: Lenora was convinced that it would be wise to avoid such a highly contentious topic as politics during dinner.
4. Descriptive of something which involves frequent and enjoyable arguments and disputes: After a contentious debate, members of the committee finally overwhelmingly voted to approve the funding for the financial loans.
A reference to being fond of argueing or quarreling.
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Relating to wanting conflict for monetary reasons.
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Conveying an argumentive attitude or behavior.
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contentious, controversial
contentious (kuhn TEN shuhs) (adjective)
Descriptive of a tendency to cause quarrels or worrisome disputes: The content of Mildred's new book proved to be contentious among academic scholars.
controversial (kahn" truh VUR shuhl, kahn" truh VUR see uhl) (adjective)
Information or discussion characterized by a differing of opinions among readers, participants, etc.: The controversial topic of Round Earth or Flat Earth is the subject of the annual meetings of the Flat Earth Society.

The controversial subject of the public forum proved to be contentious among both the academics and the lay people who attended.