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contend (verb), contends; contended; contending
1. To strive in combat or opposition; to fight, to struggle, to exert: The varsity football team of Jim’s college were able to contend very hard in order to win the football game for the first time.
2. To argue in a debate or in a controversy; to dispute: Jack and Frank contend that the reasons for providing a big theater in their village are wrong because there are only 200 inhabitants and the theater would cost a great deal of money to construct!
3. To compete in a competition to win something: Mike's high school basketball team will contend for the basketball championship next Friday.
4. To hold to a fact; to assert as being accurate: Ted's secretary was competent enough to contend that the contents in the minutes which she wrote during the last meeting were correct and that she didn’t make any mistakes.
5. Etymology: used from about 1440; from Latin contendere, "to stretch out, to strive after"; from com-, "with, together" + tendere, "to stretch".
To be in opposition or rivalry to compete.
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(Greek: struggle, a contest, to contend for a prize; also, to lead, set in motion, drive, conduct, guide, govern; to do, to act; by extension, pain)
(Greek: struggle, a contest [in war or in sports], to contend for a prize; physical activity, rigorous self-discipline or training)