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contemplate (verb), contemplates; contemplated; contemplating
1. To think about something as a possible course of action: Jack contemplated moving to a bigger city, thinking that he could find a job with a better salary than he had so far in the village where he lived.
2. To think about something seriously and at length; especially, in order to understand it more fully: Doug sat at his desk working on his web site and made an effort to stop and contemplate what his wife had just said about him wasting his time.
3. To think calmly and at length; especially, as a religious or spiritual exercise: While on vacation in Ireland, Jim was sitting on a cliff contemplating how beautiful the area below was.
4. To look at something thoughtfully and steadily: Jim and Patricia stood in the church and could not help but contemplate the beautiful stained-glass windows.
5. To spend time considering a possible future action or one particular thing for a long time in a serious and quiet way: Mark is contemplating whether his desire of studying biology instead of geography would be a better preparation for getting a job after graduation.
6. To consider carefully and at length; to meditate on or to ponder thoughtfully: At the Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada, Carol contemplated the masterpieces of the Thomson Collection of European Art.
7. To consider carefully and at length; to meditate on or to ponder: David contemplated the problem of moving to a new residence from all angles before he made a decision.
8. To have in mind as an intention or a possibility: After knowing each other for a long time, Tina and Tom finally contemplated marriage.
9. Etymology: from Latin contemplari, "to survey, to observe, to consider"; originally, by augurs (ancient-Roman religious officials who interpreted omens to guide public policies); from con-, "with, together" + templum, "an open place, a sanctuary, a temple" or "place of worship".
To think about and to consider whether to do something or not.
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