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contagious (adjective), more contagious, most contagious
1. Conveying that which spreads easily and likely to make another person or people sick: Certain diseases can be very infectious, or contagious, like measles, mumps, or chickenpox, spreading to others by touching or being in the air.
2. Pertaining to something which causes or is likely to cause the same reaction or emotion in several people; transmittable: Willie's contagious behavior of friendliness was usually conveyed to other people whenever they met him.
Transmissible by indirect or by direct contact and tending to spread from one person to another one.
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infectious, contagious
infectious (in FEK shuhs) (adjective)
Capable of spreading or communicating: Susana's enthusiasm for Justin's work was infectious.

Theodora's illness is infectious and requires medical attention.

contagious (kuhn TAY juhs) (adjective)
1. Characteristic of a disease or infection that is spread by contact: Mildred's cough was highly contagious and she wore a mask to be sure others did not become ill, too.
2. Descriptive of an influence or mood that spreads rapidly: The long sunny days created a contagious sense of well-being for people in the community.

The unusually infectious Norovirus was considered highly contagious; so, the patient was placed in isolation for a week.