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contact (verb), contacts; contacted; contacting
1. A condition which exists when people communicate and see each other: "In modern business, a person who is to be contacted and who seeks to get in touch with others to form business relations by trying to contact them."
2. When touching, meeting, joining, or connecting: "When the two wires contact each other, the machine will start."

"One technical form of contacting something consists of conducting a part of a component; such as, a switch or relay, that interacts with another conducting part to make or to break an electric circuit."

"Another form of contacting something is the point at which an object; such as, an aircraft or ship, is first detected by radar or another detecting device."

3. Communicating with, reaching, or getting in touch with someone: "Bianca was finally able to contact the computer technician so she could get her computer repaired."
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