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consult (verb), consults; consulted; consulting
1. To seek information or advice from someone with expertise in a particular field or area: If you are not sure what to invest your money in, then consult a financial advisor.
2. The process of referring to a book or books, an expert, friends, etc. in an effort to determine something: While compiling his lexicon, Gerald consulted many sources of information including dictionaries, relevant books, and even media publications; such as, magazines and newspapers, so he could see how words were being used in contexs.
3. Having discussions or conferring with a person before doing something: The patient was told that the doctor had consulted with other physicians about the best way to treat Janet's illness.

Before the members of the management group could make such a significant financial decision, they had to consult with their board of directors.

4. Etymology: borrowed through Middle French consulter or directly from Latin consultare, "to consult"; a form of consulere, "to take counsel, to consult"; probably originally meaning "to gather (the senate) together"; from con-, "together" + selere, "to take, to gather".
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(Latin: to deliberate together, to consider; a magistrate in ancient Rome who sought information or advice from the Roman Senate)