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consternation (s) (noun), consternations (pl)
1. A feeling of alarm, confusion, or dismay; often caused by something unexpected: Janet invited her ex-husband, Jack, over for dinner, which was met with much consternation by her new boyfriend, Ted, who was quite surprised about her friendliness with her former spouse.
2. A shocked or worried feeling, usually a result of something that happens unexpectedly: The serious illness of Tom's mother caused him much consternation, dread and anxiety; so, he went to be with her until she became well again.
3. Surprise and alarm, which results in panic, deep disappointment, or total confusion: There was general consternation when the terrifying news was published about the airport shootings.
4. Etymology: from French consternation, "dismay, confusion"; from Latin consternationem, "confusion, dismay"; from consternat-, the past participle stem of consternare, "to overcome, to confuse, to dismay, to perplex"; related to consternere, "to throw down, to prostrate"; from com-, "with, together" + sternere, "to spread out".
A sudden overwhelming fear or alarm.
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A confusing terror from not knowing what is happening.
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(Latin: agitated, alarmed, restless, anxious, solicitous; fear, fearful, fright; terror; consternation)