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conservation, conservative, Conservative, conserve
conservation (kahn" sur VAY shuhn) (noun)
Preservation or restoration from loss, damage, or neglect: The old manuscripts were saved from deterioration by the program of library conservation.
conservative (kuhn SUR vuh tiv) (adjective)
Descriptive of favoring traditional views and values; characterizing the belief in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society: Roderick had some rather conservative ideas about the way life should be.
Conservative (kuhn SUR vuh tiv) (noun)
A member or supporter of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom: Jeremy was a well-known Conservative in the U.K.
conserve (kuhn SURV) (verb)
To keep something safe from being damaged, lost, or destroyed: With so little rain, everyone had to conserve water so there would be enough for the essentials of life."

As a Conservative among the conservative members of the city, Preston voted to support the conservation measures before the parliament which would help to conserve the wild life in the parks.

(Mark Plotkin, an ethnobotanist takes up the cause of rain forest conservation)
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soil conservation, soil management (s) (noun); soil conservations; soil managements (pl)o
Any of various methods of land management that seek to protect the soil from erosion and chemical decay, so as to maintain its quality: The technique of strip cropping (alternating different crops) is one method of soil conservation because it is believed to provide almost total resistance to erosion.

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