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consequent (adjective)
1. That which follows as a natural effect, result, or conclusion: "The oil company tried to prevent an oil spill and the consequent damage that it would have to wildlife."
2. Happening as a result of a particular action or set of conditions: "The weather forecasters are predicting heavy rains and consequent flooding."

"After the terrorist attack, there was a period of tension and the consequent need for more military preparedness."

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consequent, subsequent
consequent (KAHN si kwent", KAHN si kwuhnt) (adjective)
Characterizing a circumstance that succeeds a natural effect, achievement, or event: The company made every effort possible to prevent an oil spill and the consequent damage to wildlife; however, they were unsuccessful.
subsequent SUB si kwent", SUB si kwuhnt) (adjective)
Following in time or order; succeeding: Gretchen's work had a great influence on subsequent generations.

Subsequent to the announcement of the resignation of the president, the consequent action of the elected representatives was to elect someone to replace him on a temporary basis.