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consecrate (verb), consecrates; consecrated; consecrating
1. To declare or to set apart a building, area of ground, or specific spot as holy: The religious leader consecrated the home of the pious woman because she had done so many good deeds in the community.
2. To dedicate someone or something to a particular purpose: When Amy's first child was born, she thought of consecrating him to a life as a Christian priest.
3. To cause a tradition to be revered: Over many years the custom of bowing before the religious leader was consecrated and respected.
4. To sanctify the bread and wine for use in the Communion service as symbols that represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ: The pastor of the church will consecrate the elements of communion and distribute them to his congregation.
5. To ordain a priest as a bishop: When he was consecrated as a bishop, Jason vowed to advance social justice issues in the church.
6. To officially make something sacred and able to be used for religious ceremonies: The garments of the priest were consecrated by the bishop and were used only during special religious occasions.
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