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connection (s) (noun), connections (pl)
1. A relationship in which a person, a thing, or an idea is associated with something else: The county plans to improve roads that serve as better connections between major highways.
2. The action of securing one thing with another one: Jane's school will be wiring all classrooms for a connection to the international computer network in order to get information from computers in other educational institutions, online dictionaries, and websites.
3. A situation in which two or more things have the same cause, origin, objective, etc.: Mike maintains that there is a connection between thinking and knowing what is going on.
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(simplified connections of word parts which work together to form practical medical terms that can enhance one's understanding of several fields of medicine)
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delta connection (s) (noun), delta connections (pl)
The mesh connection of three elements in a three-phase system in a triangular arrangement resembling the Greek letter delta, with each element connected between two phase conductors, and no connection to the neutral conductor.
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