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conjure (verb), conjures; conjured; conjuring
1. To perform illusions and magic tricks that require agile hand movements, usually for entertainment: Troy, the magician, conjured a rabbit out of his hat.
2. To call upon or to order a supposed supernatural force or being by reciting a spell: Sharon looked into her glass ball, repeated the special phrase, and conjured up the spirit of her old grandmother and asked her for advice. 
3. To change or influence something by reciting a spell or invocation: Roy listened to Anna's dilemma and tried to conjure her troubles away with a unique enchantment he had heard from his aunt.
4. To cause something to appear: Although the poor woman had no money, she managed to conjure up a meal of soup and vegetables for her hungry children.
5. Etymologically from Latin conjurare; literally, "to swear together, to conspire".
To present as if by magic or one's imagination.
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To call upon a spirit and to produce it by invocation.
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To bring into existence in a magical way.
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