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Congolese (former French colony) months
sánza ya libosó [1st month] (January)
sánza ya míbalé [2nd month] (February)

sánza ya mísáto [3rd month] (March)
sánza ya mínei [4th month] (April)

sánza ya mítáno [5th month] (May)
sánza ya motóba [6th month] (June)
sánza ya sámbó [7th month] (July)
sánza ya mwámbe [8th month] (August)
sánza ya libwá [9th month] (September)
sánza ya zómi [10th month] (October)
sánza ya zómi na mókó [11th month] (November)
sánza ya zómi na míbalé [12th month] (December)

—Based on information from:
Lingala für Kongo und Zaire by Rogérto Goma Mpasi;
published by Peter Rump Verlags-und Vertriebsges. mbH; Bielefeld, Germany; 1992.

French is the official language of Congo and Lingala is the main African language spoken in the north and around Brazzaville. Munukutuba, an offshoot of Kikongo, the native language of the Kongo people, is the main African language in the south around the Pointe-Noire.

—Based on information from:
Central Africa–a travel survival kit, 2nd ed. by Alex Newton;
Lonely Planet Publications; Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia; 1994.

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