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confiscate (KAHN fi skayt") (verb), confiscates; confiscated; confiscating
1. To seize property legally forfeited to the public treasury as a penalty for some illegal activity: The custom's officials were confiscating illegal goods that were being brought into their country by truck.
2. Having had property taken away legally or by forfeiture: While being in the foreign country, Monika’s camera was confiscated by the police because she was taking pictures of the paintings in the museum, which was against the law.
3. A governmental act of seizing someone's assets without payment or to take a person's private property for public use without reasonable compensation: The government agents confiscated a woman's new car because she had used it to illegally transport contraband cigarettes and cigars.
4. Etymology: from the 1550s, originally, "to appropriate for the treasury"; from Latin confiscatus, the past participle of confiscare, from com-, "together" + fiscus, "public treasury"; literally, "money basket".
To take or to seize by authority.
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To legally take property from someone by a government agency as a penalty for some illegal activity. (1)