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configuration (s) (noun), configurations (pl)
1. The arrangement of parts or elements or the way the parts of something are arranged and fit together: The configurations of the Christmas decorations in the display window of the store are very attractive and artistically created.
2. The form, as of a figure, determined by the arrangement of its elements: The seating pattern, or configuration, in an airplane may have a two-seat or a four-seat combination with two aisles leading lengthwise.
3. In psychology, gestalt or a set of things; such as, a person's thoughts and experiences considered as a whole and regarded as amounting to more than the sum of its parts: After her divorce, Sandra built up a new configuration of friends, interests and activities in her life.
4. In computer science, the way in which a computer system is set up: The configuration of Tom's computer was changed by resetting the parameters.

The set of constituent components; such as, memory, a hard disk, a monitor, and an operating system, all make up a computer's system of configurations.

The physical shape of a figure.
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The structural form of a person.
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electron configuration
1. A configuration that shows the way in which the electrons in an atom occupy, in order of increasing energy, the available orbitals and spin states.
2. The orbital arrangement of an atom's electrons.

Negatively charged electrons are attracted to a positively charged nucleus to form an atom or an ion.

3. The arrangement of electrons in an atom, molecule, or other physical structure; such as, a crystal.
4. The specific distribution of electrons in atomic orbitals of atoms or or ions.
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The form that is determined by the arrangement of its parts or elements.
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