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confabulate (kuhn FAB yuh layt") (verb), confabulates; confabulated; confabulating
1. To discuss or to have a chat about something: Linda loved to confabulate with her friends about their children while having afternoon tea once a week.
2. To give fictitious accounts of past events, believing they are true, in order to cover a gap in the memory caused by a medical condition; such as, dementia: Usually, when Sam visited his Aunt Jane in the home for elderly people, she loved to confabulate about her earlier life as a child, but Sam knew the stories didn’t really happen.
3. To unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory: Jackie didn’t remember much when she was a toddler, but she thought she did, and so she liked to confabulate stories about her life on the farm when she was two-years old.
4. To have a conference in order to talk something over: The administrators of the school departments confabulated on how much financial support each one should get and use for the year.
5. To talk socially without exchanging too much information: The two old friends sat on a park bench and began to  confabulate about the weather conditions and other irrelevant things, but they mentioned very little about their personal lives.
6. Etymology: from Latin com, "together" + fabulari, "to talk".
To chat or to talk in an informal wa y.
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