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conduct (verb), conducts; conducted, conducting
1. The action of conducting or leading; guidance, leading.
2. Provision for guidance or conveyance; a company of attendants appointed to conduct a person safely on a journey; an escort, a convoy; a document granted to ensure safe passage; especially in “safe conduct“.
3. As a verb, the action or manner of conducting, directing, managing, or carrying on (any business, performance, process, course, etc.); direction, management.
4. The manner of conducting oneself or one’s life; behavior; usually with more or less reference to its moral quality (good or bad).
5. Etymology: from Latin conductus, past participle of conducere, "to lead or to bring together".
(Greek: windpipe or one of the two large branches of the trachea, the tube in air-breathing vertebrates that conducts air from the throat to the bronchi, strengthened by incomplete rings of cartilage)