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condense, condenses, condensing, condensed
1. To lose heat and change from a vapor into a liquid, or to make a vapor change to a liquid.
2. To make something, especially a food, denser by removing water, or become denser in this way.
3. To reduce the length of a text by removing unnecessary words or passages or by expressing the content more concisely.
4. To bond together to form a larger denser molecule, or to make molecules undergo this process.
5. To make more dense or compact; to reduce the volume or extent of; concentrate.
6. To reduce to a shorter form; abridge: "Condense your answer into a few words."
7. To reduce to another and denser form, as a gas or vapor to a liquid or solid state.
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condensing engine
A steam engine in which the steam exhaust liquefies in the vacuum space following discharge from the engine cylinder.
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condensing turbine (s) (noun), condensing turbines (pl)
A steam turbine in which the exhaust steam is condensed and the water formed from this process is then used to supply the feedwater for the generator: Condensing turbines were built in the USSR at the Leningrad Metal Works in 1924.
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