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cement, cement, concrete, concrete
cement (si MENT) (noun)
A combination of chemicals which is pulverized and used to create mortar, a substance to bind or stick, e.g. bricks, together in a building: The workers mixed fresh cement when they were building the new house.
cement (si MENT) (verb)
Binding together, as in friendship: Lynda and Nelson drank a toast to cement their new friendship.
concrete (KAWN kreet", kawn KREET) (noun)
A strong building material created out of sand, water and a pulverized chemical mixture: The machine poured the concrete for the new sidewalk in an efficient manner.
concrete (KAWN kreet", kawn KREET) (adjective)
Actual, real, having qualities of reality: Lance asked his teacher if he could give a concrete example of what he was talking about in his presentation to the class.

When the concrete was still fresh on the side walk, two of the Ned's friends drew their initials in it to cement their friendship in a concrete manner.

concrete (noun)
1. A strong hard building material composed of sand, gravel, cement, and water; all of which have "grown together" to make a solid mass.
2. A hard, strong construction material consisting of sand, conglomerate gravel, pebbles, broken stone, or slag in a mortar or cement matrix formed by the coalescence of those separate particles or parts into one mass; a solid.
3. A mixture of cement, sand, aggregate, and water in specific proportions which hardens into a strong stony consistency over varying lengths of time.
4. Etymology: "actual, solid" from Latin concretus, "condensed, hardened, thick, hard, stiff, curdled, congealed, clotted"; figuratively "thick; literally, "grown together"; past participle of concrescere, "to grow together"; from com-, "together" + crescere, "to grow".

"Each year billions of tons of concrete become the stuff of buildings, highways, dams, sidewalks, and even artwork. The Romans invented cement-based concrete and used the material to build the Pantheon."

—Hugh Clay Paulk, "All Mixed Up",
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concrete (adjective)
1. Existing in a material kor physical form; real or solid; not abstract: "Objects like buildings, cars, etc. are physically concrete forms."
2.Being specific or definite: "So far, the police don't have any concrete evidence that the boy actually broke the window of the neighbor's car."
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