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concoct (verb), concocts; concocted; concocting
1. To make up or to prepare by mixing a variety of ingredients; especially, of a soup, a drink, etc.: Lisa loves to concoct an evening drink by using some lime juice, dark rum, and non-alcoholic ginger beer with ice cubes!
2. To conceive or to create by using skill and intelligence: Henry wanted to concoct a mystery story by using a lot of his imagination without including ideas from his previous mystery stories.
3. To make up, to think, or to fabricate a story or reason for doing something: Tom's children decided to concoct a scheme so they could stay up late on Saturday night to see a special TV movie!
To make up an excuse.
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To devise a reason for doing something.
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concocted (adjective), more concocted, most concocted
1. A reference to something, usually food, which has several different parts added together, often in a way that is original or not planned.
2. Descriptive of anything that is prepared or brought to perfection by heat; digested; ripened, matured; planned, contrived; fabricated.
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