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conclave (s) (noun), conclaves (pl)
1. A secret or confidential meeting: A conclave is a meeting of a group of people who discuss something privately.
2. In the Roman Catholic Church, a set of private rooms in which the cardinals meet to elect a new pope: The exclusive and closed conclave in the building is to be used by the bishops to decide who the next new head of the Catholic Church will be.
3. A meeting of family members or associates: The secretaries at the firm were in a conclave to plan a surprise birthday party for their boss, Mr. Chief, who had always been very nice and respectful towards them.
4. Etymology: "a place where cardinals meet to elect a pope"; from Italian conclave, from Latin conclave, "a room, a chamber suite"; "a room which may be locked"; from com-, "together" + clavis, "a key".

Conclave originates from the Latin expression cum clave, "with a key"; which emphasizes a seclusion and the need for a key to enter a meeting.

A private meeting.
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