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biological concentration
flux concentration
The density of radiation falling on or received by a surface or body.
geometric concentration ratio (s) (noun), geometric concentration ratios (pl)
The ratio (elation in degree or number between two similar things) of a solar collector aperture area (amount of light admitted) to the absorber area or the surface on a solar collector that absorbs solar radiation: Jeff learned thatt a geometric concentration ratio was the ration or relation between a section of the photosensitive part of a solar cell and the complete area of that cell.
ion concentration, ion density, ionization density
1. In atmospheric electricity, the number of ions per unit volume of a given sample of air; more particularly, the number of ions of given type (positive small ion, negative small ion, positive large ion, etc.) per unit volume of air.
2. The number of ions per unit volume.
3. The density of ions in a gas.
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mascom, mass concentration
Mascons (mass concentrations) are regions on the moon with a higher than normal gravitational field.

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