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compulsive (adjective), more compulsive, most compulsive
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(Part 2 of 4: "The Ballad of Salvation Bill" by Robert Service was based on experiences he had with a compulsive smoker who just had to smoke because smoking was so important in his life)
(taking it even when it is not needed)
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obsessive-compulsive disorder (s) (noun), obsessive-compulsive disorders (pl)
In medicine, a neurosis in which people are continuously bothered by persistent ideas that make them do repetitive, ritualized actions which they have no control over: An obsessive-compulsive disorder often begins in adolescence and continues to fluctuate or come and go over time.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorders often suffer from very strong feelings of having to do something that can't be controlled by themselves and so they also may have depressions and anxieties.

For a long time, obsessive-compulsive disorders have been treated with psychoanalysis or behavior therapy.

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