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complacent, complaisant
complacent (kuhm PLAY suhnt) (adjective)
Self-satisfied and unconcerned: The expression on Doug's face was complacent, reflecting his lack of concern for the situation.
complaisant (kuh PLAY suhnt, kum PLAY zuhnt) (adjective)
Exhibiting a desire or willingness to please; cheerfully obliging: The butler, as represented in the movies, was always complaisant, speaking cheerfully to the guests.

Josefina, the complaisant neighbor, had a complacent look on her face when she described the renovations of her house.

complaisant (adjective), more complaisant, most complaisant
Relating to someone who is very willing to please others; obedient and agreeable to do what others are suggesting: Jackie was very obliging and complaisant when she was asked by the disabled lady to help her go across the street.
Someone who is excessively ready to please others.
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Someone who is willing to please or to literally do what someone has suggested.
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Ready to help someone do something.
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