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compile (verb), compiles; compiled; compiling
1. To bring things together from various places to form a whole; to collect and to organize information in units: Medical researchers have been able to compile thousands of case histories to prove the relationship between smoking and cancer.
2. To create something by putting things that have been gathered from various places into one group or collection: Henry tried to compile the statistical data about a company before he made any investments in it.
3. To gather into a single book or to put in one composition, from materials assembled from several sources: Jack spent a great deal of time trying to compile a dictionary of word families and he had a better collection than just about any other source.
4. To gather materials borrowed or transcribed into a volume or into an orderly form: The staff of writers took the best submissions of information they had gathered and were able to compile them into a single issue of the magazine they were working for.
5. Etymology: probably before 1325, compilen, borrowed from Old French compiler, a learned borrowing from Latin compilare, "to steal, to pillage, to plagiarize, to snatch together".

Originally, it meant "pile up"; com-, "together" + pilare, "to press, to compress, to ram down"; from pila, "pile, mass, heap".

As a result, compilare means "to gather for oneself by plundering or stripping from others".

The word first appeared in something related to its modern sense in a nickname applied to the poet Vergil (or Virgil) by an irreverent contemporary who called him compilator, "the plunderer", because of his imitation of Homer and other old authors.

Vergil's full name was Publius Vergilius Maro, a Roman poet. His greatest work is the epic poem Aeneid, that tells of the wanderings of the hero Aeneas after the sack of Troy, a mythical Greek warrior who was a leader on the Trojan side of the Trojan War.

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To gather and pout statistics together in orderly form.
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