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compensate (verb), compensates; compensated; compensating
1. To make a payment to or to provide something of value to another person in return for work or for a service that has been done: Jack and Mary were compensated for taking care of the neighbor's garden and lawn while the family was away on vacation.
2. To provide something good as a reward for anything else that is bad or undesirable in order to make up for a defect or weakness: The price of the book that Karen bought was reduced because its cover was torn; so, the store was compensating for the damage with a lower price.
3. To counterbalance; to offset; to be equivalent to: Shirley compensated her lack of beauty with great personal charm and intelligence.
4. Etymology: from Latin compensatus, formed from the verb compensare, "to weigh one thing (against another)"; therefore, "to counterbalance"; from com-, "with" + pensare, a form of pendere, "to weigh".
To make up for some kind of loss.
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To provide something good as a balance against a bad or undesirable situation or to make up for a defect or a weakness. (1)