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compact (adjective), more compact, most compact
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compact, compact, impact, impact
compact (kuhm PAKT, KAHM pakt") (adjective)
1. Closely or solidly packed with little or no extra space: The cabin was compact but it was still adequate.
2. Smaller than other things of the same kind: The camera is compact and it is still very versatile.
compact (kuhm PAKT, KAHM pakt") (noun)
1. A small case in which to carry cosmetics; such as, face powder: The movie star got out her compact so she could look in the small mirror and touch up her face.
2. An automobile which is smaller than a medium sized car: In order to save gas, the couple decided to purchase a compact, replacing their larger model.
3. An agreement or a covenant: The knight swore a compact with his king to protect the kingdom.
impact (IM pakt") (noun)
1. The act or force of one thing hitting something else: No one could have survived such an impact of the large stone that came tumbling down that mountain onto the highway.
2. The impression of something which may be compelling or significant: The impact of the discoveries of Madam Curie revolutionized science.
impact (IM pakt") (verb)
To make forceful contact with: The terrible collision between the man’s car and the truck will impact significantly on his car insurance rates.

The compact between the automobile companies resulted in the development of several compact models which had a significant impact on the economy.

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(Latin: thick, thickly set, crowded, compact)
(Greek: close, compact, thick, dense; frequent)
(Latin spissus: thick, compact, dense; thickness, compactness, density)
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compact disc read-only memory (s) (noun)
1. A compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system).
2. A large amount of digital information that can be stored and accessed, but it cannot be altered by the user.
3. An optical disk that is physically the same as an audio CD, but contains computer data.

"Storage capacity is about 680 megabytes. CD-ROMs are interchangeable between different types of computers."

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Compact Disc Rewritable storage; CD-RW
A rewritable version of a CD-ROM.

A CD-RW drive can write about 650 megabytes of data to CD-RW media an unlimited number of times.

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Compact Disc-Recordable; CD-R
A recordable CD-ROM which can be read by normal CD-ROM drives; however, the data can only be recorded once onto a CD-R, and cannot be changed.
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