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commodity (s) (noun), commodities (pl)
1. Something useful that can be turned into future advantages: Grace’s outstanding talent of painting landscapes turned out to be her best commodity, because, after finishing her studies, she was able to earn a good living by being an artist!
2. An article of trade or commerce; especially, an agricultural or mining product which can be processed and resold: Oil, being a mineral people cannot live without in this present age, is a highly valued commodity because its price generally keeps getting higher.
3. Etymology: in the 15th century, "benefit, profit, welfare"; later "a convenient or useful product"; from Middle French commodité, "benefit, profit"; from Latin commoditatem, commoditas, "fitness, adaptation, convenience, advantage"; from commodus, "suitable, convenient"; and ultimately from com-, "with, together" + modus, "measure, manner".
Something that is useful and which can be turned to commercial or other advantage.
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