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commit (verb), commits; committed; committing
1. To pledge devotion or dedication to someone or something: Henry wasn't ready to commit to the relationship with Conny.
2. To devote or to pledge something; such as, time or money to an undertaking.
3. To do something wrong or illegal: Jerry's friend was caught committing false information about his financial situation.
4. To entrust something or someone to another person for protection>
5. To consign or record something in order to preserve it; "He committed the names to memory."
6. To give something over for destruction or disposal.
7. To confine someone legally to an institution; such as, a prison or mental health facility.
8. To refer a bill to a legislative committee for review.
9. Etymology: from Latin committere, "to bring together"; from com-, "together" + mittere, "to put, to send".
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