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command (verb), commands; commanded; commanding
1. To direct with authority; to give orders to: Mrs. Jackson had to command her son to clean up his room and to put his clothes in the closet properly because he wouldn't do it if she didn't tell him to do it!
2. To have control or authority over; to rule; a military unit or region under the control of a single officer: A general who commands an army.
3. To have at one's disposal: A person who commands seven languages.
4. To deserve and receive as due; exact: The troops' bravery commanded respect.
5. To exercise dominating, authoritative influence over others: General Andrews commands every military room that he enters on the base, as shown when everyone stands at attention when he comes in.
6. To dominate by a physical position; overlook: Harry climbed to the top of a mountain that was commanding the valley below.
7. Etymology: from Latin commandare, "to commit to one's charge"; literally, "to place in one's hands".
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