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comity (KAHM i tee) (s) (noun), comities (pl)
1. A courtesy and friendly behavior with others: The comity among the workers in Jane's office promoted a peaceful relationship which resulted in greater achievements for the business.
2. An association of independent countries formed for their mutual benefit: A comity of nations includes a respectful recognition accorded by one nation for the laws and institutions of another one.
3. An environment of social amicability: There was almost a complete comity, courtesy, and civility among the members of the family, except for Jane, who always had something to criticize or to complain about!
4. Etymology: borrowed from Latin comitas, "friendliness"; possibly from Old Latin cosmis which some believe to derive from co-, "with, together" + -smis, "smile".

In Middle English, comite, "an association", came from Latin comitas, "friendliness".

Friendliness and kind consideration for others.
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comity, committee
comity (KOM i tee) (noun)
A social, friendly atmosphere or relationship promoting harmony: The comity among the villagers promoted a peaceful lifestyle which appealed to those seeking a restful holiday.
committee (kuh MIT ee) (noun)
A group of individuals acting together for a designated purpose; such as, to investigate a situation: The committee of lawyers worked together to draft new legislation to settle the land claims.

The committee acted in comity when they met making it a pleasant committee on which to serve.