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(Greek: column; pillar; pillarlike implement or structure, especially the styloid process of the temporal bone)
(Greek: cuckoo; the end of the vertebral column in man and in some apes; the rudiment of a tail)
(Greek > Latin: roller, roller-shaped figure; used in the sense of being "roller-shaped, column-shaped")
(Greek: spine, spinal column, vertebra)
(Greek: an inscribed stone slab; a block of stone, gravestone; a column, a pillar [also a reference to certain plant structures])
(Latin: joint, especially of the spinal column)
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fornicolumn, columna fornicis, column of fornix
1. A column or pillar of the fornix.
2. That part of the fornix that curves down in front of the thalamus and the interventricular foramen (slit-like passage ) of Monro, then continues through the hypothalamus to the mamillary body; consisting primarily of fibers originating in the hippocampus and subiculum (support or prop), the column of fornix is the direct continuation of the body of the fornix.
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ion column
1. The trail of ionized gases in the trajectory of a meteoroid entering the upper atmosphere; a part of the composite phenomenon known as a meteor. Also known as meteor trail.
2. The visible train of ionized gas left by a meteorite entering the atmosphere.
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spinal column (s) (noun), spinal columns (pl)
The backbone or the vertebral supporting structure in a body: The spinal column in a human consists of 33 vertebrae that are placed upon each other allowing 26 of them to be moved.
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stratigraphic column (s) (noun), stratigraphic columns (pl)
A composite diagram which illustrates in a columnar form which illustrates the subdivisions of the oldest rocks at the bottom showing the geologic times when they existed: There are sequences of stratigraphic columns with their horizontal layers of a given region on the walls of the geology class.

The professor of geology discussed the chronological or vertical arrangement of rock units that were illustrated by their stratigraphic columns during his lecture.

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telescopic steering column
A steering column that collapses in on itself on impact or a collision.
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column (s) (KAHL uhm) (noun), columns (pl)
1. A long thick post made of steel, stone, etc., which is used as a support of a roof or for decorating the outer parts of a building: The building has a facade with beautiful marble columns.
2. A group of printed or written items; including, numbers or words that are shown under each other down a page: Cleo was told to add the first column of numbers.
3. Any of one or two (or more) sections of print which appear next to each other on a page and that are separated by a blank space or a line: The article consists of three columns, but the error is at the bottom of the first column.
4. An article in a newspaper or magazine which appears regularly and that is written by a particular writer or which deals with a particular subject or topic: Manfred writes a weekly column for the local newspaper.
5. That which is tall and thin in form or shape: The worried residents could see the columns of smoke rising up from the brush fire.
6. A long row of people or things: There was a column of cars going up the highway in the thunder storm.
7. Etymology: from the mid 15th century, "vertical division of a page"; also, "a pillar, a post", from Old French colombe, Modern French colonne, "column, pillar", from Latin columna, "pillar" and from a form of columen, "top, summit".
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column order (s) (noun), column orders (pl)
In computer programming, a method of defining a matrix by naming the elements one column at a time, as opposed to row order: The computer technician installed a new column order to facilitate the creation of textual content.

A "matrix" in this context is an array of symbols arranged in rows and columns.

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column raid
A raid conducted by army ants in branching columns, the termini (boundaries or limits) of which are headed by a relatively small group of workers laying chemical trails and capturing prey.
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