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collude (verb), colludes; colluded; colluding
1. To act together secretly to achieve a fraudulent or deceitful purpose; to connive: Mr. Smith and Mr. Money, the two bank managers, colluded to manipulate the portfolio of a rich client.
2. To act slyly in concert with someone else, primarily in order to trick or to baffle another person or group: The underaged smokers, Mary and Sally, were colluding with an older youth to get him to make the clerk at the store think he was buying cigarettes for himself and not for them.
3. To play into one another's hands; to conspire, to plot, or to behave falsely: Joyce could not believe that her best friend was colluding against her in order to be chosen as the leading actress in the theater drama.
4. To act in unison or in agreement in order to achieve a deceitful or illegal objective: Mr. Robinson, the politician, was accused of colluding with members of another political group in order to win more votes for his election.
To participate in an illegal action.
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