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collocate (KOHL uh kit") (s) (noun), collocates (pl)
The arrangement together so as to form words into a phrase: Some collocates are regular occurrences of lexical or dictionary terms that are connected close to each other; such as, "commit a crime" which helps a reader to see how a word is used and what it means.

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collocate (KOHL uh kayt") (verb), collocates; collocated; collocating
1. A strong tendency to take place side by side with a frequency better than mere chance: A few words that collocate with each other include the following examples; "maiden" collocates with "voyage" or "maiden voyage"; "mortgage" collocates with "property".
2. To put words in a certain order or to arrange words naturally together : The word "college" collocates with "student" or "college student"; "quick" collocates with "temper"; however, "fast" does not collocate with "temper".
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collocate (KOHL uh kayt")
On this occasion, cate is saying that there are things that can be placed, or naturally arranged together, side by side; for example, "heavy" and "rain" collocate with each other.
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