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coimetrophilia, koimetrophilia (noun); coimetrophilias, koimetrophilias (pl)
A special fondness and interest in cemeteries or graveyards: There are some coimetrophilias who love to collect epitaphs that are written on the tombstones and a fascination with seeing various gravestones and sarcophagi.

Epitaph collections

Sum quod eris, fui quod sis. "I am what you will be; I was what you are."

A message engraved on tombstones as a reminder to the living as in the following poem:

Dear Friend,
Forebear and cast an eye.
As you now are so once was I,
As I am now, so shall ye be.
Prepare to die and follow me.

A response was written on a wooden sign next to the grave stone:

Where'er you are, I wish you well;
Whether in heaven or in hell;
But to follow you I can not consent,
Until I know the way you went!
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