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cognizance (KAHG ni zuhns) (s) (noun), cognizances (pl)
1. Conscious knowledge or awareness: The cognizance of the importance of the issue at hand was realized by the board of directors.
2. The range of what one can know or understand: Harriet's cognizance and perception of the nature of the species of the bird was quite amazing!
3. Observance; notice: The administrator will take cognizance of Jill's objections at the proper time.
4. In law, acknowledgment, recognition, or jurisdiction; the assumption of jurisdiction in a case: The court, being within cognizance, was able to act upon the case of murder without needing any further proof.
5. In heraldry, a crest or badge worn to distinguish the bearer: The knight was honored with a cognizance because of his bravery in battle.
6. Etymology: from Anglo-French conysance, "recognition"; later, "knowledge" from Old French conoissance, "acquaintance, recognition; knowledge, wisdom" (Modern French connaissance), from conoistre, "to know"; from Latin cognoscere, "to get to know, to recognize"; from com-, "together" + gnoscere, "to know".
Notice with perception.
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