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click; cliché, cliche; clique
click (KLIK) (noun)
A slight, sharp sound: When the door shut, Lorenzo could hear the click of the lock.
cliché, cliche (klee SHAY) (noun)
An expression or idea that has become trite (worn out or overly used) and so is no longer original: The speech was littered with one cliché after another, all of which indicated the emphasis of the speaker.

The macho cop representations of Hollywood movies have become a cliché.

clique (KLEEK) (noun)
A small, exclusive circle or group of people: At the local high school, the girls formed a special clique which only included girls with red hair.

A cliche is a remark that's right, but quite trite.

—Evan Esar

The clique of newspaper writers often vied with each other to write articles using as many different clichés as possible, including the old knock-knock joke:

"Knock Knock. Who’s there?" "Click". "Click who?" "Click Clock, the mouse ran up the clock."

A humorous use of a golf cliché.
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