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cleave (Janus word)
To join (as in, "to cleave unto") plus to separate or to divide.
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cleave, cleave
cleave (KLEEV) (verb)
1. To split something by hitting it with an object that is heavy and sharp: Using this ax, Pablo can cleave the log.
2. To pass easily and quickly through something: The bow of the ship can easily cleave through the water.
cleave (KLEEV) (verb)
1. To stay very close to someone: You could see Rickey cleave to his mother in the shopping center.
2. To stick closely to something; usually used in a figurative sense: Archie's wife continued to cleave to the beliefs of her family's religious teachings.

Despite the storm, the cruise ship was able to cleave its way through the water; however, Angelo's wife was so frightened that he urged her to cleave to him and he would protect her.

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(Latin: split, cleave, cut into, cleft; vent; break into parts, separate)
(Latin: stick to, cling to, cleave to)
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1. To stick together; such as, "a person who cleaves to his principles" or "children who cleave to their families".
2. To split up; "the ax easily cleaved the log".
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