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civilian (s) (noun), civilians (pl)
A person who is not a member of the police, or the military, or a firefighting group: Several civilians were killed or injured when the suicide bomber blew himself up in entrance way to the mosque.
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civilian (adjective), more civilian, most civilian
A descriptive term for anyone who is not associated with an armed force or a police unit, etc: Mark's cousin retired from the Air Force and started a career as a civilian mechanic with a commercial airline.
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civilian succession (s) (noun), civilian successions (pl)
The act or process of following in order or sequence: A civilian succession is opposed to a military succession.

Since its independence from Britain in 1960, Nigeria has seesawed between civilian and military rule, enduring a brutal civil war and decades of misrule that siphoned billions of dollars from the country's oil wealth.

No previous civilian government in Nigeria has handed power to another civilian government, making April's election a watershed.

Further complicating Nigeria's march toward democracy is the unrest in the Niger Delta, where militants, seeing more of the country's oil wealth for the impoverished residents of the oil-rich delta, have carried out kidnappings and bombings that have harmed the oil industry.

—Compiled from "Nigerian election facing hurdles:
For the first time, a civilian succession is in the offing";
from the International Herald Tribune by Lydia Polgreen, March 9, 2007; page 5.
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