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circumscribed, circumspect
circumscribed (SUR kuhm skrighb'd") (verb)
Having defined a space carefully by drawing a line (literal or figurative) around an area: The surveyor circumscribed the building lot before the purchase was finalized.
circumscribed (SUR kuhm skrighb'd") (adjective)
A limited size or amount of something: The circumscribed number of officers on the Board was established by the committee.
circumspect (SUR kuhm spekt") (adjective)
Referring to thinking carefully about possible risks before doing or saying something: These people are circumspect in all their business dealings.

As an architect you will need to be very circumspect in your dealings with the city board whose number is circumscribed by the city council.

circumspect (adjective), more circumspect, most circumspect
1. A reference to being watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent actions: Linda behaved in a circumspect way while she was observing the code of conduct during her first visit at the governor’s house.
2. Relating to a something that is seriously considered: Shirley thought about her future after graduating from college with circumspect deliberations.
3. Marked by attention to all situations and probable consequences; being careful and sensible with professional advice: While figuring out her finances, Yvonne was very circumspect not to make a mistake with her investments.
Cautious, discreet, and concerned about consequences.
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Cautious, careful, and attentive to the situation.
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Relating to being wary and on guard.
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Careful when considering what might happen if the wrong choice is made. (2)