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chionophobia (s) (noun), chionophobias (pl)
1. An abnormal fear of snow: Linda, affected by chionophobia, really disliked winter with the precipitation of white ice crystals along with the drifts, storms, and blizzards because she thought she might be stranded in it, and therefore she followed the weather reports many times a day.
2. A horror that the end of the world will occur in winter, preceded by a heavy snow storm: After reading her book on legends from the library, Becky found out that people in different countries suffer from chionophobia, believing that someday life will cease between fall and spring.
3. In biology, the aversion of some forms of life to snow-covered habitats or living areas: Chionophobia, or the resistance of existing in snow-clad areas, is found among some plants and animals which can only exist in hot deserts.