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chile, chili; Chile; chili, chilli; chilly
chile, chili (CHIL ee) (noun)
A pepper, sweet or hot, that provides a strong savor or tang to food; such as, a vegetarian sauce: The cook wasn't satisfied with just using one chile to give the soup a strong flavor; so, he decided to put in two more!
chili, chilli (CHIL ee) (noun)
Alternative spellings for a pepper, hot or sweet, that adds a strong flavor to food; such as, a thick meat sauce: Ted's mother tried another kind of chili to enhance the taste in the special relish she was preparing for the dinner guests.
Chile (CHIL ee) (noun)
A country in South American bordering on the Pacific Ocean: For her vacation, Sabrina wanted to go to Chile to see the famous ruins and to enjoy the fine food and wine.
chilly (CHIL ee) (adjective)
Unpleasantly cold; lacking in warmth or feeling: The governor gave a chilly reception to his opponent on the blustery, chilly day.

When they were on a hiking vacation to Chile, Ross and Angie were often very chilly in the mountains.

It always felt good to stop for lunch and have a dish of chilli which was spiced with several different chilli peppers.