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chance, chants
chance (CHANS) (noun)
1. The likelihood of the occurrence of an event: The chance of it raining today is very high.
2. An unexpected, random, or unpredictable event: The chance of a thunderstorm this time of year is 100 per cent.
3. A risk or hazard; a gamble: The group sat around the table playing a game of chance, betting food coupons instead of real money.
chants (CHANTS) (noun)
1. Short, simple melodies in which a number of syllables or words are sung on the same note: In the middle of the night, the monks rose to sing chants in the church.
2. Monotonous rhythmic calls or shouts: The chants of the demonstrators at a meeting disrupted the speaker.

The visitors had the rare chance to stop at the monastery just as the monks started their chants in the chapel.

chant (verb), chants; chanted; chanting
1. A phrase or slogan repeatedly and rhythmically spoken, often with a simple singsong intonation, especially in unison by a crowd or group.
2. Something spoken monotonously or repetitiously; such as, a monotonous or repetitive song or intonation of the voice.
3. Music with a religious text or a set of words or syllables sung on the same note, or a single word or syllable sung on a series of notes.

Chants are used in psalms, canticles, and other parts of some religious services.

4. A psalm, prayer, or other religious text sung as a chant or repeatedly and rhythmically uttered.
5. Etymology: from Old French chanter, from Latin cantus, past participle stem of canere, "to sing".
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