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chance (s) (noun), chances (pl)
1. Something that happens or occurs without planning; and so, it takes place accidentally: It was pure chance that Wolfgang was standing at the door of the store when it opened and a former friend of his, whom he had not seen in many years, came out.

Jim goes to the fitness studio every chance he can.

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chance (verb), chances; chanced; chancing
1. To accept the danger or risk of doing something: "The writer decided to chance writing his non-fiction book even though he didn't think he could find a publisher who would be interested in it."
2. Something that takes place unexpectedly: "Monroe chanced to hear a conversation outside his apartment that there would be no hot water after 8 a.m. because the repairmen would be working on the heater at that time."
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chance, chants
chance (CHANS) (noun)
1. The likelihood of the occurrence of an event: The chance of it raining today is very high.
2. An unexpected, random, or unpredictable event: The chance of a thunderstorm this time of year is 100 per cent.
3. A risk or hazard; a gamble: The group sat around the table playing a game of chance, betting food coupons instead of real money.
chants (CHANTS) (noun)
1. Short, simple melodies in which a number of syllables or words are sung on the same note: In the middle of the night, the monks rose to sing chants in the church.
2. Monotonous rhythmic calls or shouts: The chants of the demonstrators at a meeting disrupted the speaker.

The visitors had the rare chance to stop at the monastery just as the monks started their chants in the chapel.

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(Latin: chance, fate, luck)
(Middle English: chance, luck)
(Greek: chance, fortune, fate, providence; by accident, an unforeseen or unexpected occurrence)
(Greek > Latin: depending on chance or luck; pertaining to gambling; rolling of dice; game of hazard or chance)
(Arabic: the gift of finding interesting things by chance; the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; an apparent talent for making fortunate discoveries accidentally)
(Latin: rashly; at random, by chance; blindly; reckless; foolishly)
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Chance or Fortune: Tyche, Fortuna
Greek: Tyche (goddess)
Latin: Fortuna (goddess)
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A happening; an accidental occurrence.

"The two friends met by chance on their vacation."