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cents, cense, scents, sense
cents (SENS) (noun)
Monetary units or coins worth 1/100th. of the basic value, sometimes used in an expression equating words with money: Jaime is always ready to offer his two cents worth on any topic, whether he knows anything about it or not.
cense (SENS) (verb)
To distribute an odor or perfume by using a special container: When a priest uses a censer it is to cense the church, filling it with the odor of the incense being burned.
scents (SENS) (noun)
Particular odors or smells, typically pleasant but not necessarily: On Faye's dresser were several bottles of scents which she used depending on her mood.
sense (SENS) (noun)
Awareness of rationality or meaning; agreement: After the teacher explained the equation, it all made sense to Ada.

Natasha had a few cents in her pocket which her common sense told her that she should spend on food, but she really wanted to purchase some fresh incense which she could burn to cense her apartment and to replace some of the unpleasant scents from the restaurant kitchen downstairs.