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ceil, seal, seal
ceil (SEEL) (verb)
1. To provide or to cover the upper interior surface of a room: The plasterer will ceil the upper surface of the dining room with a decorative pattern.
2. To line a ship's bottom and sides with planking: The ship’s carpenter used pine boards to ceil the bottom and sides of the ship.
seal (SEEL) (noun)
1. A hallmark, die, emblem that is distinct to an individual or corporation: Daryl had a special seal for his books which made an impression of his name on the pages of his books.
2. A marine mammal characterized by a sleek, streamlined body and flippers for swimming and maneuvering on land: It was noisy but interesting to hear and to see the colonies of seal near the beach.
seal (SEEL) (verb)
To close tightly or hermetically: The workers will seal the blacktop driveway with a new coating to make it more water proof.

The ship had a new ceil which meant we could sail out to the islands to enumerate the herd of seal.

Once the count was done, the captain would seal his report using a red wax seal before mailing it to the appropriate authorities.