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cavern, caverna
1. A small enclosed space or cavity.
2. A large underground cave or a large chamber in a series of caves.
3. A large underground chamber, as in a cave.
4. An anatomical cavity with many interconnecting chambers.
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(Greek: cave, cavern; in medicine, of or pertaining to a [bodily] cavity or sinus; a term in anatomical nomenclature, especially to designate a cavity or chamber within a bone)
(Latin: hollow, a hollow place; chasm; prison)
(Greek > Latin: a cave, a cavern, a grotto)
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salt cavern
A cavern in an underground salt formation that is created in a commercial mining operation through the injection of fresh water and the removal of the salt in solution.

Some of these caverns are then used to store hydrocarbons; such as, crude oil and natural gas; or oil field wastes; such as, drilling fluids.

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