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caudal, caudle, coddle
caudal (KAWD'l) (adjective)
Relating to or situated towards the end of the body: The rooster has large brightly colored feathers at the caudal end of his body.
caudle (KAWD'l) (noun)
A warm drink for invalids made of bread, eggs, sugar and spices: The nurse mixed a warm caudle to give to the ill person who came to the hospital.
coddle (KOD'l) (verb)
1. To treat someone with too much care or kindness; to pamper: Pam has a tendency to coddle her children.
2. To cook slowly in liquid that is just below the boiling point: On Sunday mornings he liked to coddle an egg or two for breakfast.

The doctor advised the mother not to coddle her son so much because she made a dish of caudle every night for him before bed.

Then one night, Billie spilled the caudle on purpose and the mother spanked him on his caudal.